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"With booze, you lose but with dope, there's hope"

'For me, the way I work on the streets is by performing arts. I have a degree in music and I hope people feel good from listening to my music. I voluntarily play for the Anshutz children's hospital for the chemo patients. I know what its like to be in the hospital so I hope that my music makes them feel better.

I have experienced lots. Being on the streets make you more aware of the current events of the nation. Being on the streets lets you experience and have a good feel of the city. If you want to have a feel for the city, just go to the city center and live. Just jump out of a car and just live in the middle of a city on the streets. Then, you'll truly have the true feel of a city. Denver has paranoid people. You ask people for the time and they'll just ignore you and walk on as if you aren't there. Its not because they are plugged in (earphones), it is because they just don't care.

I got on the bus the other day and I saw a black man. I could tell he was homeless. I had made some money that day and had some savings, so on his way out, I handed him $50. There was another young black man in the bus that saw what I did and he acknowledged my deed. I did that because I know what it is like not to have a penny in my pocket.

Even if he was an alcoholic and he bought a pint, I wouldn't blame him. Alcoholism is such a wicked, wicked disease. I had a friend who would drink like 2 gallons of alcohol a day. They feel like they are dying if they don't drink. They would shake so bad and they can't sleep. The problem with booze is that you don't feel satisfied until you can't get off the ground. With booze, you lose but with dope, there's hope.

I was in a car crash and they gave me opiods. I became dependent since then. It has been 15 years. I must be ADHD or something as they (opioids) don’t make me feel tired. They pep me up. If I don't have them, my back hurts so bad that it affects my work (playing piano). '


Homelessness and poverty is such a complicated issue. However, I hope as I embark on this journey to learn more about this facet of society, their stories will be able to help to bring forth the common thread of humanity in all of us - hopes, dreams, life’s challenges and regrets. May we look through a different lens without judgement.

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