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'He is exactly what we were looking for, a dog that would keep us active eventhough we already had Chiquita. His personality is amazing. He is playful. Fetch and tug of war are his favorite.He is also gentle, good with kids and has learnt not to pull while on leash....Adopting Blue was the greatest choice we made. Not only has he won me over. He has also become great friends with Chiquita.'

~ Jorge and Yanely Gonzalez


'When Walter lounges in the sun, listening to the breeze (he actually does that quite often) I ask him if he misses his island life. He looks at me lazily and flops back on his side to go back to simply enjoying the day. Those moments are how I know we have done an amazing thing for this pup! Our hearts are full because he will never worry for food, shelter, or love. He will never have to worry about anything more than whether or not his brother is going to take up too much space on the couch. (It's a daily battle with them)

Walter is the luckiest Island Dog, because he found you, Fifa. Then you helped him find and get to us; which makes us pretty lucky too. You asked how it feels to save a pup from the streets... I ask, how does it feel to save that pup and know that he lives the best life! How does it feel to know that - You. Did. Good. and that we will forever be grateful'

~ Jennifer La Porta 

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