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Bruce adopted on 02/24/2020

Bruce's new mom is a veterinarian based in Tennessee. 

Given Bruce's potential development for urate stones again, having a veterinarian to closely monitor his medical status is a dream come true for Bruce ! 

Hello ! I'm Bruce  !!

My previous owner brought me to the clinic after I showed signs of difficulty urinating for a week. An abdominal radiograph (x-ray) was done which revealed that my bladder was severely distended due to blockage. As a male dalmation, I am predisposed to a type of bladder stone called urate. This stone is radiolucent meaning that it cannot be detected by x-rays. Given the severity of the clinical signs; I was too weak to even stand and was in so much pain, I had to be rushed to ER for a surgery. 

My previous owner could not afford the surgery nor the hospitalization and hence, surrendered me to the clinic. Their Haven took care of me through it all. From the surgery to the post-operative care. I made it through the surgery and was hospitalized for 3 days. I was incontinent for almost 2 weeks and gradually gained ability to control my bladder. 

I am all better now. I have to be on prescription food for life and that is okay because I'd rather not go through the excruciating pain of bladder stones again. 

I have been very lucky that a couple of people have showed interest in becoming my future mom and/or dad. My new mom is going to be a veterinarian from Tennessee and she is going to fly here just to and subsequently, we'll have a road trip to my new home! It is going to be a long car ride but I am excited to have a forever loving home... and I know if I do feel unwell, I am in the best hands to care for me.

Please contact us if you are interested in adopting or would like to schedule a viewing.
Each adoptable pet is spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed.

 Adoption donations are based on age and extent of sponsorship.

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